Teen Patti Rules

Teen patti, like any other card game, has a set of rules that players have to follow to play and win.

  • Minimum stake: Before the game begins, a minimum stake known as the "boot" is decided. Each player contributes this amount to the pot.
  • Number of players: Teen patti is played by a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 5 players.
  • Dealing cards: The dealer deals three cards face down to each player. The dealer position rotates clockwise after each hand.
  • Playing options: After receiving three cards, players can choose to play as "Seen" or "Blind" players.
  • Pot limit: If the total amount in the pot reaches a predefined limit, all remaining players’ cards are automatically shown.
  • No Pot Limit variant: In the No Pot Limit variant of the game, there is no predefined pot limit.
  • Winning the pot: The player with the highest-ranking hand or the player who is left alone at the table in the end wins the pot.

Hand Ranking

  • Trail (Set): This is the highest-ranking hand in teen patti. It consists of three cards of the same rank.
  • Pure Sequence: This is the second-highest ranking hand. It consists of three consecutive cards of the same suit.
  • Sequence: A sequence consists of three consecutive cards of different suits.
  • Color (Flush): This hand consists of three cards of the same suit but not in sequence.
  • Pair (Two of a Kind): This hand consists of two cards of the same rank. If both players have pairs, the player with the higher pair wins.
  • High Card: If no player has any of the above combinations, the hand with the highest card wins.