December 10, 2014 – Poker is a truly international card game, which is played virtually in every nation with its own cultural twist and flavours. But when it comes to playing the most interesting Poker variation, Indian Poker leads the way for its exciting set of rules and challenging gameplay

Indian Poker, which is also known as Teenpatti, Flush, Flash or 3-Card Brag, brings the element of bluffing to the fore; this aspect makes it as a really exciting card game.

Junglee Teen Patti, a mobile game, offers an incredible way to play Teen Patti with real people from around the world, and for players to explore and master the game in a superb virtual-casino like environment.

Players aim to have the strongest 3-card hand and to maximize the size of the betting pool before the showdown. There are various winning combinations including a trail, pure sequence, sequence and a pair, although the real skill is when you can bluff your way and win, even with a bad hand.

Junglee Teen Patti features Fixed Limit, No Limit and Private Tables for players to find their playing level as well as Leaderboards to rank their achievements against opponents from all over the world! Players can invite their friends to join them in the Junglee Teen Patti casino and can also chat live with their friends and opponents during games. Players can use avatars as they play or use their own original photographs to truly personalize their character.

Junglee Teen Patti has taken the mobile app stores by storm. The app has crossed more than a million downloads within the first few months of its launch. Google Play Store and Apple App Store have recorded massive downloads of the popular social game on various mobile devices. The game has been developed by India’s leading social casino gaming company Junglee Games. The successful launch of the app is another feather in the cap for the company, which is known for developing many social games.

Junglee Teen Patti offers a seamless gaming interface to play multiplayer teen patti games. “Our dedicated team have developed the game with the state-of-the-art technology to bring their creative visions to life. Our game, replete with innovative and interactive gaming features, will simply redefine the way mobile card games are played online”, says Satya Mahapatra, Chief Marketing Officer, Junglee Games.

The app has received many positive responses from critics and reviewers., a comprehensive app review site, has described the app as a fun new take on poker. “The Junglee Teen Patti 3D app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone gives you a fun new take on poker and thanks to the graphics and ease of use, this one is addictive from the start.”

Players cannot play with real money in Junglee Teen Patti and virtual chips are only of entertainment value within the game but players can take part in ongoing tournaments to win awesome real gifts and prizes!

The latest version of Junglee Teen Patti has many improvements including a new lobby, tournaments and the most exciting innovation of all – Royal Teen Patti where you play with a deck 10 and up and are guaranteed a big hand. Junglee Teen Patti is the only Teen Patti destination where you can play widely popular variations like 2 Card and 4 Card.

Junglee Teen Patti is available on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Download the Junglee Teen Patti app now and master your new favourite Poker game today!

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