If you love a game, the passion itself makes you a winner. That’s what makes Neha Verma a big winner at Junglee Teen Patti – Her love and fervour for the game made her bag one million chips in Teen Patti!

Neha works as a psychologist at a private clinic in New Delhi. As she counsels different patients, the ability to read people comes quite naturally to her. However, she never thought that this could be her biggest strength when it comes to playing Teen Patti.

Neha has never played Teen Patti in her life; she discovered Junglee Teen Patti through an advertisement on Google. Her inquisitiveness made her click on the ad and, thus, began her journey to become a big winner at Junglee Teen Patti.

“It was surprising to see such fabulous features in a card game. The rules were very simple; I learnt it quite easily and fell in love with the game,” recalls Neha.

It is not just about playing with three cards in Teen Patti. It is a mind game as well. Neha was fascinated about the aspect of catching people’s bluff in Teen Patti. “As a psychologist, I need to read people’s emotions while they narrate their stories. Junglee Teen Patti is a like a psychological clinic for me where players come with their own stories and I need to find out how true their stories are.”

As she continued to play Teen Patti, she discovered her opponents’ betting patterns and predicted the strength of their cards. She accurately read her opponents’ cards and never missed out on any opportunity to catch a bluff.

The skills she acquired by playing Teen Patti, in fact, improved her counselling prowess. “The more Teen Patti games I played the better psychologist I became. You need to read your opponents within seconds and this improved my counselling skills while dealing with different patients,” affirms Neha.

Confident Neha wanted to take her skills in Teen Patti to a whole new level. After stacking up a million chips, she decided to hit the high stakes tables and bet it all to emerge as the next big winner.

“High Stakes tables are tough. You compete against seasoned Teen Patti players where they always push you back with their huge raises. But as a psychologist, I had an added advantage: I could find out easily who was bluffing at the tables.”

The competition was still tough for Neha as players were playing tight during the initial rounds. However, as the game progressed, expert players started to bluff intensely. Neha was able to comprehend their bluffing patterns and waited for the right opportunity to catch them.

After many deals, she was playing against one opponent who was playing in an unpredictable manner. With a stroke of luck, she was dealt with a sequence of AKQ; however, her opponent was betting huge amounts to push her out of the game. Neha calculated that she could only lose to a Trail or Pure Sequence. Her opponent asked for a show when the pot hit over a million chips.

It was the moment: her opponent was either bluffing or he really had a monster hand. Based on the gameplay she experienced, it was not a tough decision – She called his bluff!

Neha won a record-breaking pot of one million chips, making her as one of the most successful players at Junglee Teen Patti.  She says that her love for the game combined with the right skills made her a big winner

She continues to challenge others at High Stakes tables to find out if any player can fool her with their bluffs. If you think you can match up to Neha’s skills, challenge her at the High Stakes tables. Play it right and come out as another big winner at Junglee Teen Patti!