Gear up for the World’s Biggest Event in Teen Patti! Junglee Teen Patti is going to launch Teen Patti World Cup soon where you can win CRORES of Chips and REAL Prizes! Take part in the upcoming colossal Teenpatti World Cup and bag Mega Prizes and Millions of Chips!

Teen Patti World Cup Rules

The Teen Patti World Cup is going to kick off with some of the most exciting game rules. A special leaderboard will be activated during the TeenPatti World Cup that will display the scores of the top players. Top the leaderboard by winning maximum hands during the competition and you could grab Teen Patti World Cup prizes!

How to Win Teen Patti World Cup

Prepare to witness some intense competition during Junglee Teen Patti World Cup! But you can always have an edge over your opponents by using the right skills. Sharpen your skills with some of the best Teen Patti tips and tricks and improve your chances of winning in Teen Patti World Cup!

Maximise Your Pot

Teen Patti is all about maximising the pot with the right hand. If you get lucky with a premium hand in Teen Patti World Cup, increase the pot steadily without making a huge raise. Don’t let your opponents pack their cards; instead, get them more into the betting action. Once the pot is big enough, raise the pot to get maximum chips.

Bluff Cautiously

It is not advisable to bluff a lot during a premier event like Teen Patti World Cup. Most of the players will be looking to grab Teen patti World Cup Prizes and wouldn’t dare to lose their chips stacks. So, if you find that your opponents are playing tight, don’t risk your chips by bluffing big.

Chat and Confuse

Use the Chat Tool and create a pattern of false tells to confuse your opponents. If you get a Color, raise the pot and tell your opponents that you got a Color before the showdown. Your opponents are likely to call as they would assume it as a bluff. Once they find out that you really have a Color, they would take your chat seriously. Be honest and repeat it for three or four times; once you gain credibility, you can easily bluff and make your opponents pack their cards.

Use these tips and tricks to increase your chances of winning Teen Patti World Cup prizes. Play your ace and lift the Teen Patti World Cup for Ultimate Glory!

The dates for Junglee Teen Patti World Cup are going to be announced soon. Download the app, play Teen Patti and stay updated about TeenPatti World Cup! Click here to get the app –