free bonus chipsHope you are having a great time playing Junglee TeenPatti for Android and iOS devices. In order to bring more competition into the game, we often bring some minor changes in the game and also in bonus packages. In this article, we will be talking about ways to claim your free bonus chips.

Your first step in getting free bonus chips is the Facebook Connect. The first time you connect your TeenPatti account with your personal Facebook account, a free bonus of 50,000 chips will be credited into your account.

Want your friends to play with you? Invite them via your Facebook account so that they can join you on the tables. When each of your friends has finished playing 10 games, you will receive 5000 chips for each friend you have invited. So, the more friends you have, the more free bonus chips you will receive.

Your ratings and reviews help us to improve the gameplay and make the game more stable. Rate the app and get free 5000 chips which is as simple as counting 1,2,3..

Furthermore, be in the receiving end of getting daily free bonus chips by playing Junglee TeenPatti every day. You will get daily chips as given below:

0 day                     –              5000 chips

1 day                     –              10,000 chips

2-4 day                 –              15,000 chips

5-9 day                 –              25,000 chips

10-19 day             –              50,000 chips

20-29 day             –              75,000 chips

30th day               –              1,00,000 chips

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