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See How India plays Poker with Junglee Teen Patti 3D!

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE December 10, 2014 – Poker is a truly international card game, which is played virtually in every nation with its own cultural twist and flavours. But when it comes to playing the most interesting Poker variation, Indian Poker leads the way for its exciting set of rules and challenging gameplay Indian Poker,

Neha Wins 1 Million Chips in Teen Patti

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If you love a game, the passion itself makes you a winner. That’s what makes Neha Verma a big winner at Junglee Teen Patti – Her love and fervour for the game made her bag one million chips in Teen Patti! Neha works as a psychologist at a private clinic in New Delhi. As she counsels

Anshu Wins 2 Million Chips at Junglee Teen Patti

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How far would you go in Teen Patti? Would you go all in with your chips if you have the right hand? Sounds pretty risky. But what a 19-year old did will probably stun you! Anshu Sharma raised the stakes like never before – He went all-in and won 2 million chips at Junglee Teen Patti! Stacking

Junglee Teen Patti World Cup

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Gear up for the World’s Biggest Event in Teen Patti! Junglee Teen Patti is going to launch Teen Patti World Cup soon where you can win CRORES of Chips and REAL Prizes! Take part in the upcoming colossal Teenpatti World Cup and bag Mega Prizes and Millions of Chips! Teen Patti World Cup Rules The

Junglee Teen Patti | Festival Special – Win a Moto G

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Step up for a Super leaderboard chase this Festive Season! Win a Moto G and millions of chips by playing Teen Patti! Top the Leaderboard by winning maximum hands and win awesome prizes! You can secure your position in the leaderboard by winning maximum hands in Teenpatti games. The top 10 players who lead the

How to get Free Bonus Chips in Junglee TeenPatti App?

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Hope you are having a great time playing Junglee TeenPatti for Android and iOS devices. In order to bring more competition into the game, we often bring some minor changes in the game and also in bonus packages. In this article, we will be talking about ways to claim your free bonus chips. Your first

Junglee TeenPatti 3D Launched for iOS Smartphones and Tablets

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We are so delighted to announce the launch of Junglee TeenPatti 3D for iOS devices. After a great journey of acquiring millions of teenpatti lovers from all over the world, this launch will give the current players much more competition from the new players using iOS platform. To download the app for your iOS devices,