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How far would you go in Teen Patti? Would you go all in with your chips if you have the right hand? Sounds pretty risky. But what a 19-year old did will probably stun you! Anshu Sharma raised the stakes like never before – He went all-in and won 2 million chips at Junglee Teen Patti!

Stacking up a million chips is quite a challenge itself. Only expert players can achieve that but betting it all would need some real guts. And this came from Anshu, who pushed everything he got and came out as one of the biggest winners at Junglee Teen Patti.

Anshu describes himself as a hardcore mobile gamer. There is not a single game that he hasn’t played on his phone. When a natural gamer with tons of experience plays Teen Patti, you can definitely expect to see some fireworks at the tables!

Anshu got into Junglee Teen Patti when his friend invited him on Facebook. The moment he downloaded it on his mobile, he was utterly surprised to see such amazing gaming features. “I have played many card games but Junglee Teen Patti is by far the most interactive game I have ever seen.”

The favourite feature for Anshu is the possibility of betting any amount at high stakes tables. This makes Teen Patti far more exciting than other card games as you can force your opponent to pack with a big raise.

Anshu recalls with joy on how he managed to win such a huge chips stack. “I have played a lot of poker games on my phone. I bluff quite often while playing and force my opponents to fold their cards. I improvised my bluffing technique and made my opponents pack with my huge raise.”

Anshu had just a pair of tens with a six of hearts. By making huge raises, he bluffed his way out and forced his opponents to pack. But there was one player who refused to pack in spite of Anshu’s massive raises. If the game had reached to showdown, Anshu could have been in trouble. However, after playing enough games, Anshu followed his intuition and concluded that his opponent might not have a good hand after all. He decided to take the risk and asked for a ‘Show’ with a massive pot size of over 2 million chips.

His opponent called and that’s when everything changed!

Anshu was right – his intuition did not fail him! His opponent had a pair of nines and the victory was something that he will never forget.

Now Anshu’s winnings will go down in history of Junglee Teen Patti as one of the biggest pots won! He is now a celebrated High Roller and every opponent respects his skills.

If you want to be a big winner like Anshu, always improvise your skills and if the situation demands, take risks. Who knows, you could be a bigger winner than Anshu at Junglee Teen Patti!